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Norm Couture


Marshall JCM 800 lead series 100 wt re issue, Marshall 1962 4 / 12 speaker cabinet, Les Paul Studio, G & L Stratocaster. ME-50 multi effects unit. Cray Baby.

Previous bands:

Predator (1979 - 1983) DS Jukin (1988 - 1995)

Musical Influences:

Lynrd Skynrd, 38 special, ZZTop, Waylon, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Litte feat, The Eagles, Ted Nugent

Favorite Guitarist:

Jeff Carlisi, Lonnie Wilde, Charles Thomas, John Masino, Mike Ripp, Gary Rossington, Slash, Glen Tipton, Greg Daino, Johnny Winter, Pat Travers, BB King, Brian May, Brian Setzer, Zakk Wilde, Steve Vai, Toni Iommi, Jeff Beck, Gary Richrath, and the list goes on.

Favorite Song Lyric:

Take it Easy, Take it Easy, Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Lighten up while you still can. Don't even try to understand, Just find a place to make your stand and take it easy.