Vinyl Thunder was formed in 2008, by five dedicated and talented musicians.  Our common goal is to create a classic rock cover band that is truly memorable, yet a bit different from all the rest. We play music from bands like, ZZ-Top, AC/DC, Peter Frampton, and everything in-between. Our intention is to choose songs the crowd loves and fondly remembers.  Fans have been heard saying “I remember exactly where I was when I first heard that special song”.

Vinyl Thunder is a group of skilled, professional, and kind-hearted friends, who love to perform for their family, friends, and new comers alike. Each time the band plays our fan base becomes larger. Our consistently changing set list is bent on creating a crowd-pleasing show.  Our performances are truly memorable!  Vinyl Thunder has tried to play a classic rock set that's not like all the others.

  Vinyl Thunder showcases the talents of five veteran classic rock performers, each with over twenty years of individual musical experience.  Drummer Richard “The RockStar” Burchard  brings the heartbeat to their music. Bassist Jeffery “Yaif “ Hannon, provides the soul.  Guitarists' Norm Couture and Roger Wilberg, rip out the leads and riffs that give their work beauty with an edge. The talented Kenny “Gonzo” Keith, shines as the lead vocalist and ultimate entertainer to bring our unique show to life. The five members all sing harmonies as needed to give the songs the familiar feel they so richly deserve. 

  Vinyl Thunders’s goal is to spend time doing what they've loved throughout their lives, and that is to play music with their friends while bringing a musical experience to a crowd that has not forgotten classic rock! 

As any musician will contest to, once you have music in your blood you can never get it out.  We all look at performing in Vinyl Thunder as more of a blessing than a chore. Thanks to all who have supported us and thanks to all of those who will support us in the future. 

We truly appreciate being able to continue on with our passion and bring a show that’ll keep classic rock lovers begging for more!

Photography by Holly Pendleton